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4 Alternatives to Bank Loans to Fund Your Vacations

August 10th, 2021

Do you have your travelling suitcases ready and the passport resting there to be stamped with a new international trip? Being woven in the daily errands and the ongoing monotonous life, it is hard to find time for yourself. After hours, days and months of giving deep thought to the desired vacation plans do you now have a fresh problem of holiday funds emerging for you?

Doesn’t that make you sad when you work hard as much as you can, to the utmost ability of yours and you still cannot take up the actions that would give a sense of relief to your deepest selves? You have to think various times to finally come up to a decision. And, especially the heart breaks when you just have to postpone or cancel your dream holidays. Why? Because of the lack of funds.

Well, that is not what you have to do anymore, your problem of funds gets resolved when you have no guarantor loans there to be a helping hand in your financial struggles. But thinking about the packed schedules entwined with the pre holiday arrangements, and running for a loan at such a time can be a burden, isn’t it?

Here are 4 alternatives that would help you arrange the funds for your summer beach holidays or exploring the country sides, whichever you decide -

From the closed ones

If you are someone who faces difficulties in asking for money from your closed ones, this might not be the right source of fund for you. But, on the other hand, if you are not, this can be the best source of fund that provides you the money for your vacation plans.

Benefit – One of the benefits, when you borrow money from your friends, family or relatives is that you do not have to worry about the repayments. Unlike, when you borrow from any financial institution you have to be careful about the timely repayments and the interest rates at the same time. While in this case, a bit of late repayments are negligible.

P2P lending

If you do not have someone to put their trust in you and lend you the money for the awaiting vacations, would you cancel them? No, you in no way have to do that. P2P lending (peer-to-peer lending) is just the one meant for you.

Confused about what it actually is? The concept remains somewhat similar to the one listed above, the only difference is that, you borrow from unknown people online. So, if you were thinking about the embarrassing situation of going and asking for money, your problem is now resolved.

Benefit – This process of collecting funds from strangers is beneficial for the borrowers as they now have a wider circle of people interested in lending the money. But, on the other hand, the process can prove to be a bit risky for the lender, as you never know what might be the real intention of the borrowers.

Direct lenders

When talking about the shortage of funds, the first thing that pops in anyone’s head are loans but the side image that pops simultaneously are the never-ending queues and struggles involved in the same. But, not to forget, that these are also the sources that are the most reliable.

To facilitate easy lending and borrowing, you have got direct lenders as an option waiting for you to be opted. Through these, you can get the money in your hands without being stuck in the fuss of finding yourself a guarantor. When you do not have the money, from where would you arrange the extra brokerage fee? That is what the name suggests, DIRECT LENDERS, so, no broker charges. Isn’t that great?

Benefit – As discussed above, for a person looking for funds, it can become really hard to arrange time and broker funds. With loans for bad credit with no guarantor and no fees, you can simply stop thinking about money and start thinking about the mesmerizing views of nature that you are going to come across in your vacations.

Through payday loans

Small vacations might be the best when giving a line of thought to relaxing your brain with some outing. Are you on short of funds and looking forward for a 2 day vacation in your own city exploring the unexplored corners of it?

These payday loans can prove to be the right choice for you. These short-term loans involve no unnecessary formalities that create a sort of hustle in your vacations.

Benefit – One of the benefits of these loans is that, they are not the ones where you have to worry about the process of application. Contrarily to the other kind of loans that involve cumbersome process of application and reimbursement, they are the one offering the opposite.

So whether you are planning on a short road trip with your friends or an international family trip, these alternatives can help you arrange the funds for your dreamlike vacation. So, think no more, just get your travelling boots on, and start wandering. Have got none to travel with? Put those heartwarming novels in your backpack and get started with your solo trip. Let the particles of sand kiss your feet while you feel the warm breeze and fresh fragrance of the pale pages.